A digital magazine is just like a print magazine but it uses digital technology to access and read it.
On a Computer:
PC or Mac users can use Adobe Air or a higher version to read the digital edition in an NXTBook reader. Several Internet-enabled computers have a free browser plug-in installed. If your computer doesn’t have a default plug-in, you will see a pop-up to install it when you open the first magazine issue.
Apart from that, all you need is a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera.
On Android
On Android devices, you just need to open the URL of the particular issue through a browser on the device such as Google Chrome.
Apple Devices:
iOS users can read the digital edition on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and the rest of the iOS devices. You just need to visit the URL of the issue through a browser such as a safari.
You can subscribe yourself from here
You will receive the first edition as soon as you subscribe. You will get a confirmation email with the username and password information to read the current edition.
To turn pages: To go forward, click the arrow on the right side of the page. To go backward, click on the arrow on the left side of the page.
To Zoom in or Zoom out: on a keypad device, find a zoom in and zoom out functions on the bottom. On a touch screen, you can simply pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out. To print: Find a print option at the bottom of the magazine and enter which pages you want to print.
To download: Click the download option in the toggle bar at the bottom.
Yes. To access and download, you need to have internet access.
If you want to read it offline, you can download a PDF of the digital edition and access it on any device that reads PDF files.
You can contact our customer service by clicking here.
You can access your subscription with your existing user name and password on your new device. If you have previously downloaded digital issues, you will have to repeat the process to access the issues on a new device.